If you are wondering how to soften leather shoes without ruining the quality of your pair of shoes, then this article is for you. Leather shoes always rule the fashion world for its classiness and elegance. 

To carry your style statement in leather shoes, it needs to look perfectly cleansed and smoother every time. You can face the stiffness of leather shoes after you unpack your new pair for the first time. It causes you rubbing and blistering, which is quite irritating. 

Also, leather products tend to get stiff and cracked with an improper method of storage for a long time. You need to take care of it eventually, to keep it your foot-friendly, and look new every time.

Here are some of the easy and useful methods to soften your shoes easily.

Methods to make your leather shoes soft and comfortable easily:

If your newly bought shoes bother you with its stiffness and make your toes suffer from pain and ankle with blisters, then follow these methods. 

Here are some of the easy methods on how to soften leather shoes naturally without applying any effort:

⮚ Take small walks wearing your new shoes:

To let your feet become comfortable with new leather shoes, consider wearing it to take short walks very often. Wearing them quite often makes your shoe stretch and helps in the nice and comfortable fitting. 

⮚ Walk inside your home to make your shoe stretch:

You might not want your shoes to get dirty soon. But the stiffness might bother you. Before going out, for being comfortable with your shoes you can wear them inside your home. 

You can wear your pair of thick socks and new leather shoes to walk inside your home to soften them fast.

⮚ Consider using a spoon to soften your shoes:

You can use spoons for a quick fix to solve your stiff shoe problem. Use a spoon by applying a little pressure to stretch your shoes to make it soft wherever it is needed.

⮚ Use a shoe stretcher for your shoes:

You can consider using a wooden or metal shoe stretcher to make your shoes soft enough to fit your feet.

Leather shoes stretcher

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How to soften leather shoes by applying the leather softeners?

If any of the methods that mentioned above are not enough, you might need to apply a lot more effort to soften your shoes. There are two types of softeners that you can use to soften leather shoes – commercial products and natural products. 

You can consider using both based on your need and budget. Here we are going to give you some answers to some common questions that might pop up on your mind regarding shoe care.

How to soften leather shoes using natural oils?

Using coconut oil for your leather shoe care is a very easy and budget-friendly idea. There are other oils like mink oil, saddle soap, foot oil, flaxseed oil etc. for shoe softening. 

Clean your leather shoes thoroughly by rubbing with a soft and damp cloth to get rid of dirt or grime left. Again, rub your shoes with a dry cloth to wipe out all the wetness from the shoe surface.

Choose the oil you want to apply to your shoes. You must avoid using any artificial leather oils to ruin the quality of your shoes.

Take a clean piece of cloth, to apply the oil and rub it on the shoe surface gently. And let those sit for several hours or a day to let it absorb the oil. Apply another coat if needed. Let the shoe absorb all the oil without leaving any greasiness on the surface.

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Does rubbing alcohol soften leather?  

Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) works magically as a leather softener. Grab a piece of cotton and immerse it into the rubbing alcohol. Rub the cotton evenly onto the shoe surface. You might be required to apply a few more coats as the alcohol tends to evaporate soon.

Let the shoe sit for drying completely. Then apply petroleum jelly on the shoes using your fingers. Repeat the process until shoes become soft.

You might wonder, “does Vaseline soften leather?” The answer is yes. It is also a petroleum jelly available at a very cheap rate. So, it is quite useful and pocket friendly for softening your leather shoes.

How to use water for leather softening?

If your leather shoes are not waterproof, then you can use water as a natural form of leather softener, to avoid chemicals. Too much moisture or soaking into water might indeed ruin your leather shoes. 

Are you wondering how to soften leather shoes using water then?

Take a spray bottle and pour water into it. Then spray the water evenly on the shoe surface until it rolls off or beads up. 

Provide only the required amount of moisture without saturating it. Wipe out the excess liquid with a dry cloth. After drying, apply a good quality conditioner, and dry it once again.

You can also stuff damp newspapers inside your shoes. And wait for 24 hours to become dry and soft enough.

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How to use commercial products? 

Get yourself to your nearest store. There are multiple shoe softeners available at the market. Buy the right leather shoes softener. Before applying the commercial products, you must go through the instructions written onto it. 

Apply according to the recommendations provided. Repeat the process numerous times in a year if needed.

Soften Leather Shoes

Does vinegar soften leather?  

Home ingredients are the best way to treat your shoes with. It gives you the expected results at a very budget-friendly cost. Also, you can do it at any time. Here’s how to soften leather shoes using vinegar.

Take two parts of flaxseed oil and mix it with one-part vinegar. Take a clean piece of cloth and dip it into the mixture. Apply it evenly on your leather shoes. And let it sit for 24 hours. Your shoes will become soft and shiny the next day.

How does heat help in leather softening?

Using heat for softening your leather shoes can be a good idea if you apply it in the right way. Here are a few ways to apply heat for your leather shoe care and softening that you can follow:

Putting your shoes inside a dryer:

Slightly damp your leather shoes and put carefully inside the dryer and let it absorb the heat for some time. Don’t set the heating temperature too high. 

Don’t leave it inside for a long time. You just need to heat it for 5-7 minutes.

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Using hair dryer for your shoes:

If your shoes are feeling too stiff and tight for your feet, then use this method. Put your socks on and put your legs inside your shoes. 

Apply some moisturizer on your shoes. Then apply medium heat using your hairdryer for 5-10 minutes from 10 inches distance.

Leaving at a humid place:

Leaving your leather shoes in the direct sun might ruin its texture – no need to wonder how to soften leather shoes in a warm and humid place then. Just avoid the direct sun and choose a place where it is warm enough without direct sunlight. 

You can also keep your shoes aside in your bathroom while taking a hot shower. It will provide both moisture and warmth to your leather shoes.

Few more tips for you to get soft and comfortable leather shoes:

❖ Always prepare your shoes for softening by cleaning them properly. Use a clean cloth to get rid of any dirt and greasiness before applying the softening treatments.

❖ Start with applying at a small area to see if any kind of discoloration or creasing happens.

❖ Avoid storing your leather shoes in sealed plastic bags. Also, avoid keeping them exposed to the sun or water for a long time.

❖ Avoid stains from the dyes of commercial products.

❖ Don’t use too damp cloths for cleaning your leather shoes.

Final Words:

Here we have discussed all the possible measures to make you comfortable with your favourite pair of new leather shoes. 

Also, the tricks are useful enough to revive your old pair of leather shoes. The tricks will surely help you to soften leather shoes and give them a shiny and gorgeous texture.

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Check out this video for more hacks related to softening leather shoes easily 😉


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