Powerful Girls cartoon has remained one of the most viewed and liked Cartoons for a long time. It has a number of audiences of all ages because not only it is filled with vibrant color, funny characters on the TV screen which attract the kids also it comes with some good use of adult humor to be enjoyed by the adults too. Lately, the universal beauty brand Inglot Cosmetics has come into collaboration with Cartoon Network, to promote their newly launched special-edition product based on the Powerpuff Girls Makeup theme.

This collection is entirely inspired by the looks of The Powerpuff Girls, the original global ambassadors of female empowerment, who used to fight against evil in the city of Townsville in the USA. Here we will provide you with the 2020 Guide of Powerpuff Girls Makeup kit:

Powerpuff Girls Makeup Collection 2020:

Powerpuff Girls Makeup Collection

Inglot and the Powerpuff have combined their initiative and power to create a unique capsule-based Powerpuff Girls Makeup Collection.

This initiative will surely bring the inner beauty of its wearer infused with self-confidence highlighting one’s individuality and authenticity.

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Pink Powerpuff girl makeup:

Pink Powerpuff girl makeup

In everything like within the range of lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeliner gels, sparkling dust, and face and body highlighters throughout the whole cosmetics line, the theme color of Pink Powerpuff girl makeup is present. Keeping in mind the pink is all women’s favorite color for its soothing softness, this theme makeup kit has been launched to portray your inner-power through with enough sophistication through this beautiful color.

Buttercup Powerpuff makeup:

Buttercup Powerpuff makeup

Among the three power sisters, Buttercup has the strongest personality. In fact, she incorporates no unique superpower, and always dressed in the color green with an amazing bob hairstyle. If she is your favorite one, then go with the Team Buttercup Eyeshadow Palette to highlight your true nature. 

In this palette, you will have amazing shades of grey and pastel yellow, combined with intense green. Buttercup Powerpuff makeup kit is a totally stunning and fierce makeup combo.

You can perfectly team up Pure Pigment EyeShadow Shimmer Punk and Eyeliner GelSisterhood with LipSatin LipstickSuper Chill, which comes in a silky soft and velvety, creamy finish to give you an enhanced look and well-defined lips.

Blossom Powerpuff girls:

Blossom Powerpuff girls makeup

If the brainiest girl of the three, Blossom is your favorite, then go for Eye Shadow Palette in Team Blossom. Blossom is considered as the “everything nice” and always wears pink and always leads her other two partners. 

Keeping her charm in mind, this blossom eyeshadow palette will give you a supreme look to showcase your positive attitude. This palette has three High pigmented eyeshadows with colors like intense dark amber, bold ginger and subtle to uniquely exhibit your unique personality like your favorite Power girl Blossom. 

This Blossom Powerpuff girls makeup pack will offer you with – Eyeliner Gel Sisterhood, Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Ginger Crush, and LipSatin Lipstick Super Fierce.


The Power girl team makeup kit:

The Power girl team makeup kit

This makeup kit is to provide you with the charm and confidence of all these three power girls highlighting their sisterhood and united power.  

In this Powerpuff Girls Makeup kit, you will have three high pigmented Eyeshadows with two vibrant and shiny shades – Electro Vibe P33, Free Spirit P30, and one matte shadow – Strong Soul P334. 

To complete your look, this pack has Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Energy Blast with one Eyeliner and definitely with LipSatin Lipstick Super Tough, which is enriched with the all-natural goodness of vitamin E, cherry seed, argan, apricot seed, and coconut oils.

Powerpuff Girls Makeup Bag Sugar Spice and Everything Nice:

Definitely, you will need a good bag for safekeeping all your favorite things from the Powerpuff Girls Makeup range.

So here comes the ‘Inglot Powerpuff Makeup Bag Sugar Spice and Everything Nice,’ which is a very cute tiny bag that is spacious enough to keep your daily makeup essentials in one place and let you carry them with you anywhere you go.

Due to its transparent cover, you can easily find out what you need.



Who doesn’t want to bring out their inner self-power girl with the help of this perfect makeup range of Inglot? So grab one right now!

Watch this video for a complete guide on PowerPuff Girls Makeup:


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