Homes are not limited to be stationed at a single place anymore. You can move about an entire home from one place to another. Now, these houses have bathrooms with various sorts of tubs like standard and basic tubs or garden tubs, etc. Such tubs are thus called a mobile home garden tub. Garden tubs are nothing but larger, deeper, and freestanding tubs, which are comparatively for better than normal tubs.

Garden tubs make the entire mobile home set up much more luxurious and comforting. But deciding on such types of tubs are quite difficult and confusing since they have quite a wide variety in the market, each one of them equally amazing and beneficial.

Down below there are some essential facts about these tubs which will be guided through in the process accordingly,

Benefits of Mobile Home Garden Tub: 

Finding the Jacuzzi spa inadequate in various places? You can always go on to set up a garden-style tub in your mobile home. It is one that allows you to have a pleasurable soak after a stressful and hectic of work.

Pampering yourself more fit in your garden tub with water jets, which will enhance the soaking experience in a much extravagant way. 

Garden tub installation may seem expensive in the initial stage, but considering a person is fond of such amenities, then it is quite worthy in the long run.

While travelling around the spas and hot baths of all locations might not have the same lush and price, thus with your own garden tub, you get to use it anytime you want.

Mobile Home Garden Tub

Characteristic Features: 

One of the most important characteristics is that garden tubs don’t come along with shower facilities, that is, garden tub shower is an amalgamation of the garden tub on the one hand and a separately fitted (at a distance) shower facility.

Another important feature is its dimensions, which are larger than normal tubs and thus takes in much of the place in the bathroom.

Thirdly due to its size, the water required to fill in the tub is almost double the amount needed to fill up a standard tub.

Lastly, comes the types of facets in use for such bathrooms; though generally, floor-mount tub filler is the one majorly in use, the wall-mount filler cannot be totally ruled out.  

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How to use Mobile Home Garden Tub: 

Beginners need to understand the way of working on these types of tubs. Many users feel deceived after knowing the proper usage of it.

Mobile Home Garden Tub is strictly used for only and only soaking purposes, one has to lay down in the tub and soak in their chest and knees into the water and laze around for relaxation.

They are not designed for taking baths and showers. In that case, one will need to separate installation for showers, unlike standard tubs. Keeping this in mind while selecting tubs is very necessary.

Different styles and designs: 

Garden tub

This type of tubs can be of a large variety. They can be the basic version that is just a deeper and larger tub designed to ergonomically adjust to the body provided with a neck and backrest.

You can even go on to have some more specifications like getting a Jacuzzi experience or have that whirling water effects, which are said to be more soothing and more comforting.

Garden Jacuzzi Tub is a blend of the two most lavish and expensive types of bathing accessories. Jacuzzi is nothing but hot water baths.

In normal times garden tubs may not always come with the comforting facility of Jacuzzi, but then no doubt soaking in a hot water tub is just heavenly.

Another type of sumptuous combination of the two richly done tub features is the once again the garden tub and water jets.

Garden tub with jets are those tubs which come with the facility of giving out whirling water sprinkles. They are said to be fitted in such a way that with those water bubbles and whirling water, the user gets to experience a very enjoyable massage.

Among the various designs, there are many without outside step fiberglass, inner step fiberglass, no step fiberglass; also, they can be corner setting tubs or normal setting tubs like any other tubs. Stone is one of the most popular materials used for the mobile home garden tub.

As for the other materials, they can be of fiberglass, heavy-duty ABS, plastic (the least expensive), resin, Acrylic, wood, Enameled Cast Iron, etc. Each of these raw materials has its individual pros and cons. One needs to have a specified desire to get on to the right thing.

Mobile Home Garden Tub

Sizes and Colors of Mobile Home Garden Tub: 

One of the major confusion faced by new users is that they fail to understand that a garden tub will take away a lot of space in a bathroom.

Since it is an oval-shaped (though other shapes are also available), larger and deeper dimensioned items, but then yes for those who desire to fit their garden tubs into smaller bathrooms they should always opt for opting cornered and triangular-shaped ones so that it occupies only a certain corner of the bathroom.

The basic size of a garden tub can be said to be around 42 inches in breadth, 60 inches in length, and 24 inches in depth in other 3.5ft, 5ft, and 2ft, respectively.

But then the measurements can be as large as 70 inches (5.8 ft.) in length and breadth and 30 inches (2.5ft.) in depth. The latter is mostly with enhanced features.

Also, it can be decreased to somewhat 60 and 30 inches in length and breadth respectively and 19 inches in depth – this is the least expensive. The prices are quite variable for everyone, so a wide range of people can avail.  

With price comes, pleasure is rightly applicable for Mobile Home Garden Tub, the more you pour in, the more it becomes delightful. But then there are certain criteria which get to be fulfilled for such types of tubs, without which you can’t use this splendid product.


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