Going to the shop and buying clothes, especially jeans, is a struggle that almost everyone goes through. And even if you get the accurate size jeans, what if you lose weight after some days? It could not be possible for everybody to buy new pants now and then as your body size fluctuates. Hence, what to do with them? The answer is, why not alter your denim as per your needs. This content aims to serve you with some easy tips on how to taper jeans that will save your money and help you to get the exact fit and shape you want.

Also, people had always been fond of trends going on around them. No matter if it’s about following a particular lifestyle, attire, foods, or anything. And when it comes to clothing, different styling types of pants have been the trendiest recently.

Just like wearing skinny denim is quite popular among teenagers. Even they can get perfect fit alterations of their jeans at home or can visit any tailor and make it trendy.

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How to Taper Jeans at Home?

If you want, you can taper your jeans easily at home by yourself. All you need are certain tools. Such as sewing pins, washable fabric markers to draw the outlines in the beginning, matching threads, seam ripper to open buttonhole & remove the stitches neatly, scissors to cut off the extra fabric, and finally a sewing machine.

After you get all the stuff, the next step follows the process of altering. The first thing you need to do is put on your jeans inside out, check how much and from where you need to alter. And then mark that area with a fabric marker. But make sure to leave some fabric extra; otherwise, it will make your pants tighter. 

After that, take your with the help of a sewing machine sew the section with the help of a matching thread, then cut off the extra fabric left, but make sure not to cut too close, and then secure the new edges with a zigzag stitch pattern. It won’t allow your denim to fray while you wear it.  

taper jeans

How to Taper Pants from the Waist:

So it has already been discussed how to taper jeans by the bottom or end. Now let’s discuss altering the waistline of the jeans. People often ask about ways of altering the waistline of their pants. But the originality is it is not at all easy to alter the waistline. Many professional tailors also surrender themselves when it comes to altering the waist.

Certain things could be done to get the perfect fit alterations of the waist. First, you need to remove the stitches of the entire waistband and butt section of your pants from the backside. 

After that, take the waistband out from the jeans and shorten or cut it as per your waist size. Then take the pants and cuff the ripped butt section, matching with the size of the waistband, and sew it following the measurements. It is always suggested to leave half-one inch extra while sewing or cutting the leftover pieces, otherwise you can face difficulty while sitting. Then stitch the pieces all together. But the pockets might get disposition, or the entire process may look professional.

Thus, it is always suggested to buy 1-1.5 inch extra size jeans from your original size as there is no such concrete way to taper the waist of your pants.  

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How to Taper Jeans by the End:

Now when you know how to taper pants by sides, you must also have an idea on how to taper jeans by the end, i.e., altering the hem. Just like altering the side of the jeans, hemming them is equally easy. You can ask any tailor to do that; he will simply cut off the extra fabric to hem jeans or take up the hems by a method that won’t involve chopping the fabric.

 But you can also do it by yourself with a sewing machine. All you need to do is cuff the old hem of your pants until you get the desired length, then pin the cuff of your denim, make sure the pins are equal on both sides.

Then sew perfect horizontal lines right on the position of the pins. Just as earlier cut off the leftover fabric leaving an extra inch and then sew the hem with the zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. After you are done with the sewing, don’t forget to iron it to make it crease-free.

How to Taper Jeans Without Sewing Machine:

If you are not having a sewing machine at home and still confused about how to taper jeans, then don’t worry, you can simply visit the tailor. All you should do is visit your nearby tailor. But make sure to have a clear idea of how you want to alter your denim before visiting the tailor. Just like if you want to raise it by altering the waistband, or tape the hip area, or whatever you require.

After that, give your measurements to the tailor mentioning the changes you want to be done. And remember to always say one size bigger while you go-to tailor for altering so that he doesn’t make it too tight. As he may not agree to re-alter it if you can’t fit into it properly.

How to Taper Jeans Without Sewing Machine:

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Measures to Take Before Altering Jeans:

There are certain things that are to be done before altering your new pair of jeans. Firstly, make sure to wash the pants a couple of times. Always wash it inside out and use cold water while laundering, it protects the color from fading. The washing is required just to ensure the fabric doesn’t further. Then before bringing to your sewing machine or sending it to your tailor, dry it properly. 

Secondly, before taking the measurements, make sure to wear your shoes that you will wear most often with jeans. It will help you to get the exact length you require for your denim with your complete attire.

If you are going to your tailor, do take shoes there with you. Note down all the measurements you have taken, even if you are not doing at home. It will help the tailor to understand better. Following these instructions would be enough to get a perfect fit of your pants. 

How much does it cost to Taper Jeans?

Now you must be thinking about how much does it cost to taper jeans by a tailor, then don’t worry, it is not very expensive. However, yes, it will cost a bit more than doing it by yourself. But it is cheaper than buying a new pair of denim.

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Hence, the facts mentioned above are some easy steps that you can go through if you are trying to learn how to taper jeans. Tapering jeans at home is comparatively cheaper than opting for a tailor. But if you are not good with sewing stuff, you can always go with the latter option.

I hope this article has been helpful and from next time whenever there is a new trend with denim, you can go trendy all by yourself at home without spending a large sum of money.

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