Good makeup is all about choosing the right product for the right complexion. And when it comes to the question “How to contour different nose shapes?” the answer begins with the application of a matte based oil-free primer to prepare the perfect base.

Defining the cheekbones well, making the eyes more prominent as per requirement – all of these add to all those aspects of makeup that can change the overall dimension of any face. The primary purpose of contouring different nose shapes is to make the nose look different from the actual size and shape.

6 Steps to contour different nose shapes

1. Base Application:

Base Application - contour different nose shapes

As we already know, the first step of having a good, distinguished contour is to apply a base that perfectly suits your skin type. Although an oil-free matte-finished primer is advisable to be used as the base, the suggestion might change at times depending on the skin type of the person on whom the contour is to be applied.

The base acts as the foundation of any makeup, especially on the face.


2. Layering:

Layering - contour different nose shapes

Balancing out the symmetry of your nose is extremely important. This is because; the nose is one of those elements of the body which participates in defining the bilateral symmetry of the human body.

Just like in a painting, the lighter and darker shades of the same color are used to determine the area on which light is falling, and the area which remains away from the light, layers of the contour are very important when we intend to contour different nose shapes.

It is advisable, to begin with, a contour of creamy texture. Then a powdery touch up is required. This powder can be a shade of brown from the eye shadow palette or even from a contour palette depending upon the availability.

Nude shades bring out a natural look, which is more trending these days rather than gaudy shades of orange and plum.

3. Blending:

Nose Blending

If there were a Bible of makeup, the first hymn of it would have centred around one golden theme- and that’s nothing but the importance of perfect blending. No matter whatever brand you choose, if the blending of products with the beauty blender or fingers remains incomplete, the entire preparation is a complete waste.

The creamy contour applied first during layering is used as a base shadow while the powder is used to blend the shades so that there is no line of distinction but a smooth gradient of shades visible. Moreover, it is a good practice to apply a thin layer of foundation on the contour to give it a smoother look.


4. The Direction of Strokes:

The Direction of Strokes - contour different nose shapes

Eyebrows are very important whenever it comes to contour different nose shapes. You should always begin the process of contouring from the brows and then give a consistent vertical fall to the strokes up to the nostrils.

In this way, the nose appears to be slimmer and sharper. Staring the contour from the eyebrows helps to maintain symmetry between both sides of the nose in an easier way.

5. Use of Concealer:

Face Concealer

We generally focus on making our noses look thinner and slenderer than they actually are. Sometimes, contouring is not all that works. So it is better to use concealers. A concealer is a product generally of creamy texture that is basically used to mask some flaws of the skin, like dark circles, large open pores, and signs of aging.

If you choose to apply concealer, make sure that it is of two shades lighter than your original skin tone. Otherwise, there will be no visible difference. After contouring, concealers can be applied on the sides of the nose to balance the contour with the natural skin tone.

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6. Evenness of the nose:

Evenness of the nose - contour different nose shapes

It is important to understand that although everybody dreams of a perfectly even skin, only some are fortunate enough to get it. But even if there are grooves and bulges on your nose, there is nothing to worry about.

Highlighters are there to solve this problem and make the nose appear as an even one. A little bit of bronzer can definitely be used on the areas of unevenness on your nose, based on the shades of the contour applied.

If your contour shade is more on the pinkish side, applying a rose gold highlighter is a better option than going for a normal bronzer. But it is not advisable to use highlighters on rounded noses. Instead, a slightly less shiny bronzer can be used near the middle of the nose.

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To contour different nose shapes, the first and foremost step is to recognize the texture of the nose and the complexion of the skin. Everything else automatically falls in place. Beauty is at its best when it comes to the natural form. The rest is done only for garnishing and maintenance.

If you still need more information regarding nose contouring, then please have a look at this video:


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