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We love to hear from our readers and professionals who are looking to contribute their amazing creation with us.

Here is what CatalogMagazine accept as Guest Post:

  • The content should be related to our niche, i.e. Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Social, and Lifestyle.
  • The content should be original well written and non-plagiarised. We have paid tools with us to check the same 🙂
  • Please make the content user-friendly, this is what google like nowadays.
  • Make short paragraphs and use sub-headings. Make at least 5-6 Sub-headings in an article of 1000+ words.
  • The minimum word count for an article is 1000 words.
  • Add authority links for reference, not for backlinking purposes. We will remove the link which we don’t think are needed 🙂
  • Only one do-follow link for a year is allowed, and we reserve the right to remove your post if you tried to do tier backlinking to it.
  • We only link to Beauty or Fashion blogs that relate to our niche.
  • Kindly share your topic idea when you apply or you might not hear from us.

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