We often get creases out of leather shoes, which is quite a common problem as several reasons work behind. But primarily shoes face creases when the leather surface is squeezed from its actual state that might be because of external force or flexing.

Everyone wants their shoe to look good as new even after years of usage, but mostly they happen to get creases out of leather shoes. So here are the tips on how to fix creased leather shoes:

Get creases out of leather shoes by using a Steamer

Steaming, a perfect alternative to ironing, as the mechanism to get creases out of leather shoes is quite similar to ironing but with a little twist.

So, first, you have to remove the shoelaces, and then stuff or fill the shoe with a newspaper inside the shoe or using a shoe tree on the inside to make the leather tighter and more firm. Then, cover the shoe with a dry washcloth to cover the toe.

After the steamer gets properly heated, gently run the steamer touching and moving the washcloth over the creased areas. But keep in mind to move the steamer or not, making it fixated in one location as it might damage the leather.

Steaming is better than ironing not only because it works gently unlike irons but also because it can provide heat into the contoured areas of the shoe. Leave the shoe to cool down and, after some time, use a shoe decreaser over the shoe.

The merit of using steam is that it can easily remove creases, especially in sneakers. Moreover, it is more portable than an iron.

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Use a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

creases out of leather shoes by using Hair Dryer

To get creases out of leather shoes using a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun, you must be using the largest possible shoe tree that fits inside your shoe. This is much needed because it will stretch the leather.

You must also watch out about the extra space that might develop around your foot because this happens because of the oversized shoe tree, as this will create more wrinkles.

So, the procedure includes putting the shoe tree inside the shoe, then using the hairdryer from 6 inches away from the leather. Now repeat the same process like steaming, that is moving the dryer constantly so that it doesn’t burn off the leather and create a dark spot.

While the leather is in a heated stage, you rub and massage the leather pushing it against the tree so that it gets into its original form.

Hair guns generally have an advantage for creases from dress shoes, but it is also advisable to use hair guns on darker shoes, as they hold a risk factor of darkening the leather with excess heat.

Another thing one should keep in mind that overheating the shoe can change the structure of the heel. So, however, after it gets cooled, you might polish the shoe with leather shoe care wax that is available in the market, which will stop shoes from creasing.

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Get creases out of leather shoes by oil massage

If your shoes have minimal creases and using a hairdryer or steam worries you, then switching to oil massaging your shoes will be a wise option. By applying a few drops of oil, you can fix the creases of your leather shoes.

So, firstly apply a few drops of leather oil over the creased area, then slowly massage the oil over the creased area to make it smoother. Now put inside a shoe tree to stretch the leather surface of the shoe.

You must only use oils that are suitable for your shoes as this will help to keep shoes from creasing in the later future.

Oil massaging is inarguably one of the best substitutes of a hairdryer, steam, and obviously of irons, as they will not burn the leather surface of the shoe or will affect the shape of the heels of the shoe.

Shoes will be intact if the oil massage is done from the beginning. However, the downside of oil massage is that it won’t remove deep or old creases or wrinkles.

leather shoes by oil massage

Use Alcohol

You can get creases out of leather shoes by using rubbing alcohol. Alcohol helps to relax the leather surface of the shoe, and later it can be resized. To do this, you need to find a spray bottle as this is where you are going to intermix 50% of water and 50% rubbing alcohol.

After this, spray the alcohol over the leather surface or inside the shoe. If you spray over the crease, you must accompany that with little massaging. Before wearing the shoe or using a shoe tree, apply the mixture from the inside, which will deliver a similar kind of result.
After all of this, you can end the process by a good leather conditioner or polish over the shoe, which will support the sustainability of the shoe.

However, there is one demerit of rubbing alcohol, as using it in excess will dry out the leather and bring in more creases in the shoes. You will always have the option to use anti-crease shoes for your daily usage.

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Use a Tree

Using a shoe tree can be considered as more of a preventive measure than using it to get creases out of leather shoes. You can use this from the time when you first start noticing minimal creases on your shoe.

But the perfect time for its usage is when you don’t use your shoe for a long time. The tree will help in smoothly stretching the leather and also absorbs moistures. Shoe trees also come with an adjustable mechanism.

You must avoid these only when you will wear similar shoes regularly. However, you can get similar results with cardboards or newspapers, as you must fill-up the empty portion of the shoe, giving in the same result.

You can also use shoe crease protectors, which are available in the market to protect your shoes from future wrinkles or creases.

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Everything needs care, so does leathers as with an increase in age, they will eventually be worn out and will cause creases. However, I hope these techniques will help you to protect your shoe from creases.


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