An adequate amount of beauty sleep daily is not only a must for staying mentally and physically healthy but equally important for maintaining a youthful appearance.

A good quality sleep of 7 to 9 hours daily is going to do wonders in maintaining your beautiful appearance, besides to help you be productive, healthy, and relaxed.

Related to this guide, a perfect sleep environment with a better mattress and by following other helpful strategies, you should be able to get sufficient good quality sleep which is a must for maintaining that youthful look. 

Beauty Sleep 

Beauty sleep may be defined as sufficient good quality sleep that can keep you looking young and beautiful. Lack of sufficiently good quality sleep can lead to several skin issues, some may show up immediately, and others may take several weeks, months or even years to appear.

Quality of your sleep not only impacts your mental and physical health but your largest organ, the skin as well. When you sleep, your body is at rest, and it does undergo certain processes that help in repairing cells and healing processes of your skin.

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

1. Less Sagging Skin and Fewer Wrinkles

If you are not getting enough of beauty sleep, your body makes more cortisol – the stress hormone. Boost in levels of cortisol leads to an increase in stress level and inflammation in the body which has an adverse effect on the quality of your skin.

Cortisol breaks down collagen, the protein in the human body, which serves as a support structure for skin resulting in the skin to sag more and wrinkles look more prominent.

When you are asleep, the repair work takes place, and your skin makes new collagen which prevents your skin from sagging.

It also helps skin to look plumper which prevents wrinkles from appearing. It prevents skin from drying that may result in fewer lines appearing on your skin.

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2. A Glowing Complexion

Beauty Sleep Glowing Complexion

If you are not getting enough beauty sleep daily, the level of blood flow to your skin decreases, resulting in your skin looking pale, dull, ashen, or lifeless.

When you are asleep, the blood flow to the skin gets boosted, which results in healthy glow in your complexion and rosy cheeks when you wake up from your slumber.

3. Brighter and Less Puffy Eyes

Insufficient beauty sleep is going to result in you developing dark circles or bags under your eyes, and your eyes look puffy. As you start to grow old, discolouration under eyes can also happen, and insufficient good quality sleep makes it worse.

A sufficient beauty sleep helps in minimizing the dark circles around your eyes due to an increase in blood flow level, and eyes look less puffy. It also helps in keeping the skin under your eyes moist which minimizes bags getting created under your eyes.

4. Boosts Healing Hormones

Insufficient beauty sleep increases the release of stress chemicals and inflammation levels in the body, which can damage your immune system and trigger several skin issues like eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

When you are asleep, your body undergoes repair and healing work during the deeper stages of sleep as your body produces growth hormone, which repairs damages that your skin has undergone during the day due to exposure to sun rays, pollution.

Sufficient good quality sleep boosts the healing hormones, which helps in producing new cells, and you look fresh and vibrant when you wake up.

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5. More Likely to manage your weight

Weight Managing

Insufficient good quality sleep can boost the hormones in your bloodstream that may make you feel hungry. Your insomnia makes you prone to excessive snacking, which increases your calorie intake substantially.

According to one research, people who are on a diet and get sufficient sleep tend to lose 55 per cent more fat than the ones who get insufficient good quality sleep daily.

6. A perfect smile and fresh look

Insufficient good quality sleep increases your chances of feeling low which affects your facial expressions and can make you appear sad. Feeling low also may lead to long term mental health issues of depression.

If you’re not suffering from depression, not getting enough sleep could still make you feel sad, angry, stressed out most of the time during the day, which can affect your productivity and general well-being.

Insufficient good quality sleep may also make you look sadder because corners of your mouth start to droop, your face starts to look a frowned one.

Your eyes start to look like red and swollen, and eyelids start to sag, dark circles start to appear around your eyes, and your whole face starts to make you appear exhausted.

Sufficient sleep helps you to get required rest and repair work helps in maintaining that perfect smile and fresh look.

7. Healthier and Fuller Hair

Insufficient beauty sleep can cause hair loss, breakage of hair strands, damage, and even affect hair growth due to a decrease in blood flow and stress from an increase in cortisol.

When you are asleep the blood flow increases, and it boosts hair follicles activity of gathering required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required for repair work

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8. Beauty Products Work Better

Beauty Sleep - Beauty Products

Sufficient beauty sleep helps beauty products to work better on your skin. When you are asleep, your body starts the repair work, and it boosts the effect of various beauty products as it is not defending against sun rays, or harmful molecules present in the outside atmosphere and blood flow is sufficient for beauty products to do its job of repairing your skin.

Applying beauty products just before bedtime is the best time that can accelerate the restoration process.


You should ensure you get sufficient beauty sleep daily as it is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine. A sufficient good quality sleep is a key ingredient to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin.

Sleep deprivation is going to have a bad impact on your appearance in addition to other mental and physical health problems. So, get enough good quality sleep to lead a healthy, comfortable, productive, and beautiful looking life.


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