#Aposteraday is a popular challenge that is trending on Instagram nowadays. It involves artists and designers to take this challenge of creating a new poster and post it every day. This challenge is based on the idea that “practice makes perfect”.

As it is every designer’s prime goal of their life is to get better at what they do. To apprize this goal, designers from all over the world are coming forth to accept this challenge for their betterment. Still wondering what makes this “A Poster a Day” more impressive? Well, here are your answers:

Acquiring betterment in designing skills

As said earlier, the goal of this creative initiative is based on the idea that “Practice makes perfect”. Though this statement cannot be completely true, as the concept of perfection is variable; still, there is no denial of the fact that practice makes it better every day. There is no substitution for enhancing designing by creating a poster every day.

Utilizing time in the right way

Using more time for creating something new instead of surfing the internet/web looking for inspiration improves the designing skills. Taking fifteen to twenty minutes daily for devoting it to design helps in coming out the fresh ideas fluidly. Making it a part of your daily routine and staying consistent with it improves your thoughts and ideas.

Learning new things every day

According to those who have accepted this challenge, it is the best way of experimenting with the different ideas and thoughts that you have. This can be a perfect practice time for you to work on the new ideas that you have been wanting to try for so long.

Also, you can try out different tutorials or techniques of others that have caught your attention and give it a twist of your own. In this way, this very challenge opens a vast new vista of learning.

Plays a significant role in motivating:

Though it is tough to stay motivated on a lengthy commitment like this, posting the results of your daily experimentation and checking the progress of it helps in motivating. Also, people’s expectation of seeing something new and better everyday gears up motivation.

By following other artists and being in a healthy and friendly competition with them keeps you motivated. Also, this inspiration of your creating something new every day passes on to others and motivates them to create more.


According to designers, the enforced practice that comes with this challenge to create a new poster every day has improved their skills.

Also, the self-discipline required for this lengthy commitment not only works as a fun getaway from client projects but also plays a vital role in becoming better.


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