There are all noble pursuits and inevitable in human life; but pictures, poetry, music and all forms of art are what we live for. Human life would have been impossible without the real contribution of art. Hence, that defines why art is important for oneself and the entire society.

In our daily mundane human life, it is necessary to give a fresh lease to the expression of our creative imagination and artistic ideas via various forms of art. In this article, we will have an artistic discussion over our main topic of what is an art and all the important benefits of art.

What is Art and Why Art is Important?

Why art is important

There are several definitions which can be attributed to what is art, so art can be defined to be:

● A creative expression of human imagination

● A form of expression for one’s self

● Something to fulfil the purpose of entertainment

● A thing of creation which incorporates an amount of beauty

● An avenue of exhibiting one’s artistic caliber

● Identifying and developing the principles of nature into spectacular forms which soothe the mind

Now let’s know how art evolved and why is art history important? Well, from the idleness of mind or leisure time, the purpose of art came into existence during the preliminary days of human civilization. Art has a rich historical way of uninterrupted development.

With the development of human consciousness, unconsciousness and body and entire human civilization art have incorporated different styles in every form of it like – music, dance, crafting, painting, poetry, sculpture, literature, theatre, films, and other forms of expression that artists choose as a medium for their craft.

Communication through artistic creation and its right comprehension and appreciation is a really important aspect of art which involves both artist and the spectator.

Art has an inherent relationship with the human mind and morality; that’s why art is important. Art has a unique ability to move, motivate, inspire people by inciting new questions and provoking our curious minds, screaming in excitement and outrage.

For example, all the European artists of romantic age were directly involved with the French Revolution, one of the biggest revolts in human history. They supported initiated and extremely influenced French revolution inactively as well as actively.

All the boundaries, stigmas, limitations, class, language, religion, gender, and all other factors which divide human beings – going beyond each one of them, art talks about humanity.

The repression and depression of the human mind, the pain, trauma, fear, love, loss all find expression in these beautiful forms of art.

This is one of the benefits of art. In this context, the great Irish poet and playwright of all time Oscar Wilde rightly said, “Life is art, and Art is nothing but an expression of life.”

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Why art is important influencer of Politics, Culture and society?

Art History, Politics, Culture

Art is a huge element as an influencer of the human mind, heart and consciousness which directly impacts on society.

When activists are showing photographs of children suffering from poverty or oppression or a painter is illustrating a heart-rendering picture of a child carrying heavy stones.

Then this mode of art can be a striking piece of art, pulling the heartstrings of the rich self-sufficient elite class of society and very powerful to mark a real change. That is why art is important to society to give voices that have none and to condemn what is wrong.

When an artist formulates some excellent movies and music, it entertains people across the globe. And that is how art makes a difference in society. This is art, making a difference in society.

A very new form of art in action is street art whose example can be graffiti, poster art etc. Artists take the material of artistic creation from their personal life which is highly influenced by their contemporary socio-political, economic situation.

For example, John Milton’s great epic Paradise Lost incorporates its creators’ political views and current socio-political turmoil of England.

Art is a very powerful mode of influencing our culture, politics, and definitely the economy. As we come across a great piece of art, we feel an immeasurable joy within our heart that encourages us to create a real-life change. 


Now if we accumulate the brief of why art is important, then it sums up in these points:

● Art can enlighten or educate people

● Art promotes the appreciation of the artist’s creation.

● Art can surpass all the cultural, social, and economic barriers.

● It instigates the human soul and connects the human mind.

Why Art is Important in a child’s home and education?

Chil Artist

Children use to have a very powerful instinct of learning things naturally by visualizing or hearing and feeling with any of their five senses, and they can identify the right from wrong very easily.

So if they are surrounded by positive forms of any art for example music, colourful paintings or involved in any, then they will learn to enjoy and appreciate the art which will definitely contribute to the artistic development in children, necessary to grow up with a healthy mind.

Several types of research in various academic institutions show that children who are involved with the arts make greater achievements in their ways of growth.

Such as those who are engaged with drama have better grip in understanding literature, and children who are taking part in musical endeavours use to have a fine skill in Mathematics and languages.

Various academic institutions have a particular segment as art for kids for their health and better mindscape.

Taking an active part in the arts is essential for the development of a child which will encourage them to express themselves in constructive ways that will help in building healthy emotional responses in later life.

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Art influences Economic infrastructure of a country:

Art Infrastructure Influence

Today every country in the world secures a good amount of annual income from selling their local, regional art.

In daily life, in your boring cupboard, you can add a zing with a beautiful wearable from your local boutiques or in any corner of your home can be brightened up with a piece of painting.

The arts make a real contribution to the economy by attracting a number of tourists and involving a number of businesses, developing skills and talents and generating new opportunities for employment.

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Wrapping up:

Art needs a lot more than practice; it refers to the way of life. Art is here to make us realize the values we uphold, we may have different journeys and come from separate walks of life, but under the light of art all of our hearts love, friendship, and freedom everything gets accumulated.

That is why art is important mostly to introduce us with unrecognized beauty and truth of our own ‘selves’.


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