No doubt, many cities in the United States offers lots of attraction, fun, and sights for travelers. One such city is Bay City, Michigan. Uptown and Downtown Michigan amplify fun and all-round experience with its historic waterfront, antiques, shows, boats, and flavours. Let us show you some of the most exciting things to do in Bay City Michigan.

Fun Things to Do In Bay City Michigan

Visit the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum

A tour of the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum, the U.S.S. Edson DD-946 destroyer ship, is one of the things that you should in Bay City. The boat, which is one of the many Michigan landmarks, is one of the only two ships that is left in the Country.

Spend two hours on the boat and meet some of the volunteers that served aboard the ship. The thrilling experience of climbing ladders and relieving how the former occupants must have felt tops the list of things to do in the State.

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Time out at the Bay City State Recreation Area

The 2,389- acre park is open all-year-round to anyone looking for outdoor fun and relaxation. With just $12, you can explore the historic sites, trails, and boat launches.

The area is an excellent spot swimming, hiking, picnic, or a walk with a friend. The environment is beautiful, and the large playgrounds, beautiful water and sand are true sights to behold.

There are also lots of nature programs for adults and kids. It is also an excellent place to camp if you enjoy spending nights outdoor under the stars. 

Bay Antique Center

Bay City Michigan Antique Center

The antique retail shop is an excellent place to spend some downtime surrounded by good looking antiques. With more than 400 booths, the antique center is the largest antique locale in Michigan.

As should be expected, the center contains vintage antique selections, glassware, books, dolls, furniture, pottery, and almost everything else. The two-story shop is so big that you would need the whole day to explore the entire center.

Plus, the site is surrounded by great dining and riverfront sights. 

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Smile at the camera in front of the Third Street Star Bridge

Third Street Star Bridge Bay City Michigan

Illumination, inspiration, and imagination are three words that describe the Third Street Star Bridge. The bridge represents life and connection, and a way for honouring those that have played a significant role in people’s life.

The outdoor experience brings a spark to your imagination and illumination to think life, art, and love. A photo under the lights is an excellent way to spend your evening in Bay City. 

Take a stroll through the Riverwalk Pier 

A stroll through the Riverwalk pier provides an excellent sight. The view of the sunset is lovely, and the area is a beautiful place to ride a bike or walk. You can also watch the bridge open for passing boats or watch the boats go. Strike a pose and share a caption with the goose in the background on one of your visits. 

Riverwalk Pier Bay City Michigan

Ride on the Sunrise Pedal Trolley

Take a tour on the big Dutch-made bike with friends in a group of eight to sixteen for fresh air and light exercise. It is also an excellent place to host a mini party and enjoy a few drinks with friends. 

State Theatre of Bay City

The single-screen state theatre is a good place to unwind and enjoy exciting performances. 

Sights and Landmarks in Bay City

City Famers Market

The Bay City Farmers Market is the final destination of all the locally grown food in Bay City. The market located in the heart of Downtown is a good place to source for veggies, fruits, and fresh and organic products.

There are also food vendors, restaurants, and a bit of everything in the market. Plus, the markets are open all-year-round 

Best Farmers Market to Shop In Bay City Michigan 

Bay City boasts of more than 300 markets. Enough number for an international traveler to visit for shopping. The best way to visit any of the farmer’s market to shop is to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

This is because it meets the criterion of visit for pleasure and less than 90 days. ESTA America is an application that is open to any citizen of the 38 countries covered under the Visa Waiver Program. The program qualifies you to travel by air or ship to the United States without a visa. However, you must have a valid passport and email address to apply.

Since processing an ESTA application takes less than two days, it is a fast way of visiting any of the sites in Bay City Michigan, on short notice. Apply and check ESTA application to monitor your request. 

Bay City Central Avenue Historic District  

True to the name, the historic district features Victorian architecture with details and craftsmanship from a time when architecture was revered. The remembrance of Bay City as the lumber capital of the world is still evident in the exquisite architectures in the historic district.

There is no stop in the neighbourhood as the block and houses are linked to the trail rail. With over 250 structures on the register, the well-preserved homes reflect the history of the riverfront community. A walk through the avenue is an aesthetic uplift, especially if you enjoy seeing Victorian architecture. 

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Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center

Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center

Learn on one of your visits to Bay City by visiting the Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center. The learning center is entertaining and educating with old tunes and characters that resemble famous persons. Displays and photos exhibited at the planetarium are also safe for all ages, and the moderators are nothing short of intriguing. 


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