Japanese design company Nendo recently introduced a simple yet useful design hack for dishes, bowls, and plates.

In addition to handles just being present on things like mugs, pitchers, and pots, they have added it to other kitchenware too.

Design Hack for Dishes
Image Source: ArchiProducts.com

The Best Design Hack for Dishes

How many times have you suffered from carrying a hot bowl of soup?

For those who know this struggle, they will greatly appreciate the Totte Plate line, which features a small, bracket-shaped handle on the rim.

Design Tweak for dishes
Image Source: Fastcodesign.com

Totte is the Japanese word which means handle. These plates are available in three different sizes and five colors i.e. brown, white, green, blue and pink.

New Line of Dishware
Image Source: Cfileonline.org

I actually think that this makes a lot of sense, having a handle can prevent plates and bowls from burning your hand.

This little design addition also allows users to hang the dishes up on walls, instead of stacking them up in cupboards, in order to save on space and showcase their beautiful pastel shades.

Design Hack for Dishes
Image Source: Fastcodesign.com

This Tottle Plate line by Nendo is only available in Japan at the moment. For more information, you can check here.


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