Of the many varieties of MAC brushes, MAC 135 Brush Dupe is one of the most popularly used ones. There are many comparisons to other contemporary brands of similar types of brushes, like Sigma, Morphe, etc. 

But this beauty brand, with its fabulous finishing and satisfactory service, has made itself stand out among numerous other brushes. Some of the information needed about the MAC 135 Brush Dupe is as follows:

Features, Price, and Availability:

The MAC 135 Brush Dupe is a flattened shaped very soft brush. Since it has a job on the entirety of the face, it is also large and full in type and shape. When considering the form, we come across a double-chiseled brush, which is said to be made of natural fibers along with a kind of flat paddle.

It possesses soft synthetic bristles which enhance the work quality of the item. The bristles are white in color, and rarely do they fall off.

The said beauty product is available in the market both in physical shops and stores, as well as in many online shopping sites like for instance their very own site; you might also get it in other e-Commerce websites like Amazon.

For genuine and assured products, make it evident that you are purchasing it from well-known sites like the one mentioned above. As for the price, it kind of slightly differs from different countries, stores, and websites. In foreign currency, the price ranges from $39 – $42. 

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Usage of MAC 135 Brush Dupe:

MAC Usage and Features

The first and foremost use of the brush is that it diffuses the applying product on the face amazingly and quite uniformly. This is basically designed to work on getting oneself a soft contour. One can also use it to treat the cheeks and forehead too. Its benefits do not end here. 

MAC 135 Brush Dupe can also be made to work to be utilized along with the blush as well as a brush for use with face powder. Its flattened surface helps you when you want to cover a significant part of your face with the powder. 

Bronzer can also be applied over the face with the help of this item. One can also utilize MAC 135 Brush Dupe to shed off the extra make up from the under-eye area. The synthetic bristles help prevent any absorption of the product, which aids in giving a rather natural look.

If you are able to use it, then you can use it for dusting highlighter in particular areas too. This product is considered one of the best makeup brushes for its multipurpose use and versatility.


Mac vs. Sigma brushes:

The main difference between these two brushes from the two different beauty brands is their varied prices. If one puts their finger on Sigma and not Mac, then the only reason for this is that the user gets an averagely working brush within a much lesser price range.

Why do people who have a profound sense of fashion choose Mac over the rest of the brands? The said company stands apart from other companies due to its perfect and flawless construct of the product.

Sigma brushes are heavier and thicker in diameter than other kinds. For instance, the mac 137 brush is far better than a Sigma pencil. Also, such items tend to be denser in nature. 

Another reason to choose Mac over Sigma is based on the shape; the former tend to offer a more proper and necessary shape of the brush, whereas the latter do not always come up with the desired shape and flaunt.  

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Have a look at this video to know about their differences in detail:

Morphe vs. Mac brushes:

Morphe brushes are slightly firmer than those provided by Mac. And as stated earlier, products like MAC 135 Brush Dupe tend to be much smoother and broader than from the Morphe R4 Tapered Powder Brush in this case.

It cannot be denied that Mac has a much higher price width than Morphe. The bristles in the case are far better than that of Morphe. 

For beginners, Morphe is the best and the most suitable option. The reason behind this is based on the very few differences between these two beauty items. In the case of flawlessness and perfection, brushes from Morphe do not differ very much from those of other brands.

But for experts, those slight differences are sure to matter. Some of the Morphe brushes for beginners are Morphe M439, Morphe E4 Elite Angled Contour Brush, M532 Pointed Pro Blender Brush, M536 Under Eye Bullet Brush, etc.  

Refer to this video for more details 🙂

Wrapping Up:

Among the series of brushes from the renowned beauty brand, MAC 135 Brush Dupe has been claimed as one of the essential ones which all should have, from beginners to experts considering its multifold usefulness. This article thus provides you with a basic understanding of the MAC brushes. I hope the guide was helpful to you.


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