It was a very natural event when you bought a perfect pair of shoes with the thought that you will not end up with Achilles. And again after wearing them for a day only, you end up with a red, raw Achilles? Once that has happened to you, you will find no way out to fix your problem, and bandages are not always enough. The rubbing of shoes may continue to hurt you even if you try to prevent it from wearing socks. You may look for new ways on how to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles.

So here in this article, we are presenting you with some tricks for preventing your shoes from rubbing and hurting the back of your ankle.

You might need to use a distinct technique and different types, shapes with different pairs of shoes to find out how to stop shoes from rubbing the back of your ankle. 

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There are several reasons for which you have a sore ankle, like:

How to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles

● Friction blisters are a soft bubbled area of the skin, causing a good deal of pain, and these kinds of blisters often happen on toes and heel areas of feet for wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Achilles Tendonitis can occur on your heel or top of the foot for wearing tight shoes that rub your ankles. You must wear properly fitted shoes for Achilles tendonitis that provide adequate ankle support. 

● Achilles bursitis is another inflammatory condition caused by wearing overused or ill-fitting shoes or high heels, and it affects the tissue in the back of your ankle. 

But there are always some preventing measures which you can take to stop this rubbing against your ankle and causing injury. Let’s have a glance over them:

Carefully choose shoes for Achilles tendonitis:

Ill-fitting shoes can be the main cause of several foot problems. The shoes which are bigger than the adequate size can cause continuous friction of shoes with feet, resulting in painful blisters. Too small or tight shoes can again lead to cramp blisters and pain in feet. 

Now we all know, Prevention is always better than cure. So, choose a safe and perfect fitting shoe beforehand if you are looking for how to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles. Try to choose comfortable shoes, like wear wedges over stilettos if possible, as these offer better support underfoot. 

You can also customize the fit of your shoes in various ways, like adding insoles. It will raise your foot slightly, and for that, your foot will be shifted enough to stop the shoe rubbing back of the heel, as it used to. Also, try adding toe pads to the front of the shoe to get a tighter fit at the back. 

You can also choose the great option Heel pads to add cushion to the rear of your footwear. These are available in various colors and styles, which can make you feel like walking on soft pillows instead of being rubbed and scratched by sandpaper with every step. 

The best way to find perfect-fitting shoes for Achilles tendonitis is to consult with a professional. When you buy new shoes, at least for twice try to walk around in them.

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Ankle Pain

Protect Your Skin if you are looking for how to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles:

Once you have a raw spot or blister, it would be very hard for you to wear your shoes comfortably until it cures completely. So that it is always advisable to take preventative measures to protect your skin before it gets wounded. 

You may look for various ways on How to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles as the heels of your shoes feel tight or stiff; you can try applying moleskin to your heels before you put on your footwear for the day. Moleskin is a very good and durable fabric that has adhesive on one side. The shoes rubbing back of the heel can be prevented as the material will provide a layer of protection on your skin, preventing you from getting sores or blisters. 

So get a Moleskine and cut a piece of it to size and adhere it to the heel of your shoe to get a better fit reducing painful rubbing. Also, try wearing thin socks over the area covered with moleskin to keep it in place.

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Use an Anti-Friction Balm:

 If you are looking for How to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles, you can try using balms and sticks to coat your heels with a layer of lubricant to protect the affected area from friction. The primary ingredients of these types of products can create a buffer between the shoe and your heel to prevent rubbing. 

Soften the heels to stop shoes rubbing back of the heel:

Shoes Foot Pain

Instead of wearing a shoe with good fitting, you may have to look for ways on how to stop shoes from rubbing the back of your ankle. These heels of the shoes may just need to get softened, and you can do it using a leather conditioner that activates the natural oils within the leather to add moisture and soften the shoe material. Or you can also go with some steps like:

● Running some newspaper sheets underwater.

● Squeeze them out until they’re damp.

● Ball up the newspaper and stuff it inside the shoes.

● Leave the whole thing for a minimum of 24 hours or until it’s dry.

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Take a good deal of foot care: 

Only buying good shoes for Achilles tendonitis is not enough, you have to take the general care of the health of your feet, regarding this here are few tips:

● Wash and dry your feet regularly to keep feet bacteria-free.

● Try to soak your feet in lukewarm water, then rub pumice stone to remove rough dead skin. Then Moisturize your feet and ankles to help prevent dryness and crack.

● Keep your toenails clipped. 

● Change and wash your socks daily, which can also affect the heel and ankle area.

how to stop shoes from rubbing the back of your ankle


We hope now you have a good deal of preventive measures to help in preventing the blisters and soreness of the ankle bone and heels from the shoes that rub against it. Follow them, and stay healthy!

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