Hair straightener: the 7 BEST hair straighteners [2020 GUIDE]

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Is it possible to dry the hair at home like at the hairdresser?

Do you think you might need a hair straightener ?

To tame our hair, especially if it is rebellious, is a daily worry for many of us: curly, frizzy, rebellious hair, but also wavy and thin hair: how do we “tame” them?

And fine, straight, flat and wrinkle free hair: how can we fix it?

No problem : a quality hair straightener , chosen with care, adapted to the characteristics of our hair, will solve even the most complicated situations. After the article on the best hair products today let’s break down this article that can truly transform your look in minutes.

Do you want to know how?

If you don’t have time, you can also take a look at the price comparison table that will allow you to know the best product in a few moments. We keep the ranking updated every month, so we recommend that you bookmark the link and visit us often!


The hair straightener: a miracle product for healthy and soft hair!

T he hair straightener is an indispensable tool if we want to have a tidy head, without constantly going to the hairdresser.

But buying a plate is not easy at all because there are many, too many proposals on the market.


However, we know that studies in this regard are increasingly updated and technology aims to improve the functionality and quality of products, to obtain the maximum benefit for our hair, keeping it healthy.

How hair straighteners work

We know that our hair is made up of a protein called keratin , which, in turn, is composed of a series of amino acids very rich in sulfur, which form a disulfide bridge between them, that is a chain of sulfur atoms that they unite with another that is nearby.

When these protein chains fold in on themselves, they give rise to curly hair.

The number and nature of these bridges that form in keratin fibers are genetically determined.

Hair straightener how it is made
Hair straightener how it is made

The good news is that with enough heat we can break the disulfide bonds and thus smooth the hair; in the same way, if we want to wave our hair, just choose the right tool and use the right temperature.

Are we talking about heat ? Always remember that too high a temperature can damage your hair, so use a good heat protector!

But what is the optimal temperature to break the disulfate bridges? Some studies state that they begin to break down at 70 ° C, others that it depends on environmental factors. The GHD brand, for example, is known for having all its plates that are kept at a fixed temperature of 185 ° C.

Plate materials and technologies

A lthough the choice of material is crucial to the health of our hair and the result we want to achieve: the plate should be directly in contact with the hair (and this can happen several times during the week).

It is essential that it is a material capable of offering a stable and homogeneous temperature,   that is delicate to touch and does not transmit static electricity.

So what are the possible materials for the plates?


Ceramic is the most used material in medium – high range brushes.

Why is it valid?

First of all, ceramic has a very low coefficient of friction (therefore less damage to the hair), it is a good conductor of heat that keeps for a long time.

Ceramic hair straightener
Ceramic hair straightener

Furthermore, ceramic tends to transmit negative ions , capable of balancing the static electricity charge present after shampooing, and therefore avoids frizzy, swollen and rebellious hair.

When we talk about “ceramic plates” we generally consider plates that have an external ceramic coating applied to an aluminum plate. This material transmits heat four times better than steel.

Ultimately, what differentiates a good plate from a mediocre one is that it is able to transmit heat well and distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the plate.

The ceramic with tourmaline

Tourmaline is a mineral of the silicate group whose main property is pyroelectricity.

More than 2300 years ago this stone had attracted the attention of the ancient philosophers who realized that, by heating it, it was able to attract straw, ash, small wooden sticks.


By heating the tourmaline, in fact, an electric field is introduced into the particles of the material, produced by the movement of positive and negative charges in opposite ends of the surface.

If this pyroelectric phenomenon occurs when the material is in contact with our hair, the negative charges that the tourmaline generates in heating tend to move towards our hair which had been charged with positive ions after drying: all this takes away from the static electricity , which results in fewer curls and a healthier, shinier look!

Tourmaline is usually mixed with ceramic : tourmaline particles are crushed and added to the ceramic coating because, however small, they are able to produce the negative charges so useful for the hair.

The titanium

Titanium is a very recommendable metal for the hair straightener.



First of all it is an excellent thermal conductor, much better than ceramic, it is light and very resistant to extreme temperature changes.

It spreads heat evenly over the entire surface, a quality of great importance for hair straighteners. Furthermore, titanium heats up faster than ceramic.

It is estimated that its durability and resistance is four times higher than that of ceramic and, if well worked, plates are obtained that are much smoother than those of ceramic.

Ion technology

They are plates that contain negative ion generators. We know that every time we dry our hair (with a towel or with a hairdryer) we charge it with positive ions.


You know the electric shocks you sometimes get when you kiss someone on a windy day?

A hair with positive electrical charges is manifested by frizzy, lackluster, untidy hair and with a neglected appearance.

But negative charges can also be artificially “produced” through ionizers, which is what plates that include ion technology do.

Conclusion: if we use the appropriate straightener, our hair regains its neutral charge, so it looks shiny and healthy, free of frizz and disorder.


The size of the plates

The size of the plates depends on the type of hair we have and what results we want to achieve

The narrow plates

They are the most versatile for obtaining different hairstyles: it can be waved and also curled very easily. They are the most suitable for girls who want to change often: one day straight hair, another wavy, another curly …

They are also recommended for short or not very thick hair or for the boys themselves.

They are very comfortable to travel or to carry in your bag because they are easy to handle for their size.

The plates of medium size

They are the most used and recommended if you want to straighten your hair. They are also suitable for medium density hair and not exaggerated length.

The big plates

They are the least versatile and are recommended for straightening hair or creating big waves. If the plates are even 5 cm large. they can straighten large amounts of hair in the shortest possible time: therefore they are suitable for thick and long hair or even rebellious and curly with thick hair.

hair straightener
hair straightener

Moving on to concrete advice …

What are the best hair straighteners? [UPDATED LIST]

Hair straightener: The smart + for the price range

7) Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare St780


The Braun ST 780 straightener has a series of sensors that automatically adapt the temperature to the characteristics of your hair, taking into account the length, thickness, color, humidity.

This way you can achieve amazing results without compromising the health of your hair.

The Braun ST780 has been a brush that has been on the market since 2014 and has since gathered only positive acclaim and opinion for its advanced technology.


The plates of the Braun Sensocare ST780 are 9 x 3 cm in size, they heat up in less than 30 sec. with a variable temperature from 120 ° C to 200 ° C. The plates are 100% ceramic (Nano Glide ) so they slide over the hair with above average speed and leave them healthy and shiny. The real novelty compared to other straighteners is that the Braun Sensocare brush , through a series of sensors, analyzes your hair 20 times per second, calculating the temperature and adapting it to their needs.

When it encounters streaks or damaged hair it will automatically lower the temperature. In addition, emoticons will appear on the display to suggest how to proceed with the operation.

When you use it, after drying your hair, set your Braun ST780 brush on Sensocare : it will ask you for information about your hair, length, thickness, if your hair is dyed. This way the brush will give you the initial temperature.

It is not secondary that you can set 3 different hair profiles , if you share the brush with some of your relatives, because they remain stored. There is a locking system to avoid accidentally changing the configuration during use. The rubber tip, cold to the touch, allows you to touch the plate without burning yourself.

In summary

  • It is a ceramic plate that heats up in 30 sec.
  • A series of sensors automatically adapt the temperature to the hair
  • The temperature varies from 120 ° C to 200 ° C


Even in the face of frizzy, rebellious, indomitable hair, the Braun Sensocare brush is the right tool for you: you can get incredible and long-lasting results, that is straight, full-bodied and shiny hair, at a price below 100 eu!

Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare St780 Ceramic Hair Straightener, with Sensors for Heat Regulation Price: 99.90 eurosDiscount (41%)Price : 58.00 euros

Hair straightener: the best, considering the quality / price ratio

6) Remington S9500 Pearl


The design of the Remington Pearl is very elegant in its black and pearl color and its floral decorations. On the upper edge of the plate you can see 3 small buttons: they are used to raise or lower the temperature.

It is a plate that does not weigh too much , does not reach 600 g. so you can easily carry it in your bag or suitcase if you go on vacation. anywhere in the world, you can use the brush because it is supplied with universal voltage .

The long cable that exceeds 3 m is useful for those who have the power outlet far away. The package includes a heat-resistant travel bag and a mat to place it in if you need to leave before it has cooled down.

Technical features

The plates are longer than in other models, they measure exactly 11 cm. to balance the pressure on the hair more easily, without tearing or pulling. The coating is of high quality ceramic enriched with authentic pearl: for this reason we see that the brushes shine so much! With these technological innovations, the brushes have a ceramic content 15% higher than the previous one: this ensures a more delicate sliding and a longer lasting result,

the crease holds up all day without curling.

Another positive point of the Remington is the speed in which it heats up , if only in 10 sec . reaches the indicated temperature. The degree of temperature is adjustable from 150 ° C to 235 ° C to obtain the right temperature for the type and length of your hair. (If you have thin, weak, damaged hair you will set the temperature between 150-180 ° C.

With normal and easy to straighten hair you can use the brush between 180 ° and 200 ° C. If you have thick and unruly hair you can use the higher temperature) There is also a temperature lock , to prevent you from accidentally changing it while you are brushing. Outside there is an LCD display that allows you to check the temperature at any time, to use it when it seems to be the right time.

There is also an automatic shutdown , very useful for those who, like me, are forgetful or distracted.The brush turns off after 1 hour of inactivity: long live energy savings! The Turbo Boost function allows you to reach the desired temperature automatically and quickly.

Its maintenance is very simple: just wipe with a damp cloth after use to eliminate possible residues of heat protection products for hair.

Final results

Remember that the rounded edges allow you, if you wish, to do even wider waves or curls ; you can also use the brush to turn the tips outwards. Your hair will be straight for longer, healthy, shiny and silky. Warning: do not use with wet hair!

In summary

  • The plates are coated with high quality ceramic
  • The temperature is adjustable from 150 ° to 235 ° with LCD screen
  • It reaches the desired temperature in just 10 s.
  • Remington offers a 5 year warranty.

Remington S9500 Pearl Plate, Ceramic Coating Price: 99.99 eurosDiscount (56%)Price : 43.98 euros

Hair straightener: the product used by stylists, a simple but indestructible hair straightener!

5) GA MA straightener CP3 Ceramic Nano Tourmaline Laserion


I honestly tell you that it is the one I am using in this period for private life. I am really happy!

Technical features

The Ga Ma CP3 straighteners are 25 x 100 mm. presented with an ergonomic design , which allows you to work with ease and comfort, but they are also very elegant, as happens when the taste is Italian!

The GaMa plates are covered with a right combination of ceramic and nano tourmaline which is a semi-precious stone, with piezoelectric qualities, which, when heated, emits negative ions. The negative ions help to preserve the internal humidity of the hair, when the cuticles are closed due to the action of heat: the result is that the hair will be healthier, softer and more silky.

But why did Ga Ma use Nano Technology ? After years of study, the Ga Ma Research and Development Department has found that 1000 tourmaline particles emit more negative ions than a solid body of the same material: a large amount of small particles work better than the same amount in solid form!

The ceramic cover of the latest generation plates allows you to reach the maximum temperature in a few seconds, thanks to the high-performance resistance.

Negative ions , then, are atoms with a negative electric charge, which, when they come into contact with the hair, have the ability to revitalize them, granting them vigor, docility and softness.

In summary

  • Ionized plates with tourmaline coating for smooth and shiny hair
  • Nanotechnology maximizes the effects of ions and keeps harmful and toxic substances away from the hair.
  • High performance ultra-fast heating system
  • Thermal insulating plates to protect hands from heat

The buyers’ opinion:

It is very smooth to use, light and easy to handle.

Excellent straightener because it leaves the hair shiny and light.

It is preferred to other more famous straighteners (GHD V) by those with thick and frizzy hair, because it is much faster in smoothing the hair.

GA.MA technology is made in Italy!

GA.MA straightener CP3 Ceramic Nano Tourmaline LaserionPrice : 82.31 euro

Hair straightener: perfect for colored hair!

4) Imetec Bellissima Creativity Color Shine B22

Straightener --- Imetec-Bellissima

And when the hair is dyed or bleached, after a few washes and tends to be dry and dull, what do you do?

Imetec Bellissima B22 has studied a technology to take care of treated hair, in fact it has created a product in which the plates, instead of ceramic or tourmaline, are coated with a special fabric to protect the hair from high temperatures and enhance its reflections.

The oscillating plates, then, adapt perfectly to the strands and you can get the required result in a single stroke: with these, which are rounded, you can also show off beautiful wavy hair!

The temperature goes from 150 ° to 230 ° passing through 5 levels of your choice and the plate turns off automatically after 60 minutes.

With Imetec Bellissima B22 even treated hair is shiny and shiny.

Features IMETEC Bellissima B22 hair straightener

The plates are coated with a special “Color Shine Texture” fabric to protect the hair.

The oscillating plates facilitate a single pass on the strands

The rounded profile allows for a smooth but also wavy hairstyle.

The temperature, electronically regulated, ranges from 150 ° to 230 °

The dimensions of the plates are 25 x 100 mm

The swivel cord is 1.8m long

Imetec Bellissima B22 has made a great effort to offer a product useful for the protection, health and beauty of hair, taking into account the ladies who work on color.
(The Amazon price is competitive, the coop sells it for 69.90)

Imetec Bellissima Creativity Color Shine B22 Price: 69.99 eurosDiscount (37%)Price : 44.00 euros

The most complete product : excellent hair straightener that can be placed in the medium-high segment .

3) Karmin G3 Pro WH

Karmin G3PRO hair straightener
Karmin G3PRO hair straightener

It struck us in particular for these reasons:

  • The plates are made of ceramic and pure tourmaline
  • The temperature is adjustable between 120 ° and 240 °
  • It includes an ionizer to “flush” our hair of negative ions.
  • Automatic shutdown after one hour of inactivity.

The plate is delivered in a very elegant packaging and inside a comfortable black travel bag.

A gem: the sachet with zip closure is wrapped in a thermal mat which, if necessary, thanks to the velcro, can be detached and stored in an instant.

The pearly white color is really beautiful aesthetically, it looks like my iPhone!

Really handy

The plate gives an impression of extreme solidity but is at the same time very light and easy to handle.

The handling is also given by the length of the cable, which does not force us to stay close to the socket, and the fact that the cable attachment rotates 360 °, giving us complete freedom even when, for example, we want to create a curly or wavy style and then we have to rotate the plate.

Karmin G3PRO-WH Hair StraightenerPrice : 129.95 euro

Hair straightener: the most sold and commented on the web!

2) KIPOZI Professional Wide Digital Hair Straightener

Straightener --- Kipozi
Hair straightener — Kipozi

There is nothing to do, the Kipozi hair straightener is the best-selling ever on the internet. The reason is very simple!

A titanium plate at around 30 eu is truly an opportunity ! Also I can assure you that it performs its task very well:

even my cousin’s indomitable curls become smooth and soft in no time!

It is light , elegant in color and design, enclosed in an excellent velvet travel case.

Technical features

It has 4.5 cm wide and 10 cm long plates , particularly suitable for long, thick or frizzy hair: in a very short time it tames them, making them soft and smooth. They are made of titanium alloy , while the rest of the material is plastic.

L ‘ignition switch is located inside its handle, but from the LCD display, located externally on the iron, you can see, at any time, the degree of temperature that has raggiuntola plate. You can choose between 3 temperature levels between 80 ° C and 230 ° C , but you can also select a pre-programmed temperature between 140 ° (fine hair) 180 ° (dyed or damaged hair) 210 ° (healthy hair).

The plate then has an automatic shutdown system that can be configured between 30 and 180 minutes. The cable is 2.5m long. fully rotatable.


It is truly an incredible product : with little expense you can get straight, soft and silky hair. If you haven’t owned a professional straightener and you don’t like your hair too often, this is the right tool for you.

KIPOZI Professional Wide Digital Hair Straightener with LCD Display Price: 118.99 eurosDiscount (73%)Price : 31.69 euros

The hair straightener used in beauty salons, the best known and most luxurious: it’s brilliant!

1) GHD V Gold Classic Styler


We have no doubt.

This GHD is the best hair straightener in the ranking .

Do you want to know why?

The design is well cared for, with an elegant and luxurious look, in black and gold color.

  • Aluminum plates (offering high heat conductivity) covered with high quality ceramic
  • The plates are medium in size, long and narrow, to straighten short or long, thick or fine hair.
  • The ends of the plates are rounded to create perfect waves and curls
  • The plate works at a constant temperature of 185 °, for a precise study by the manufacturer.
  • It reaches the temperature in 30 seconds
  • Automatic sleep mode function (how many times have I forgotten it on in the bathroom in your opinion? This function is not to be neglected … also for your safety!)

GHD Gold Max – Hair straightener Price: 199.00 eurosDiscount (28%)Price : 144.00 euros

Other Interesting Plates, off the charts

OUT OF CLASS: we find the Corioliss C2 hair straightener which is no longer available at the moment….

Hair straightener initially designed for professionals , it is having great success among individuals

Corioliss C2 Soft Touch Black


Corioliss is a great brand that you are most likely already familiar with. It stands out for its titanium technology, which makes it resistant even when used daily or subjected to small impacts. The use of titanium makes the brush faster to heat up than the ceramic one;

in addition, the plates of Corioliss C2 produce heat through infrared rays , which are not very aggressive on the hair and ensure a constant temperature throughout the extension of the shaft, from root to tip.

Technical features

It is a straightener with an ergonomic, stylized and light design. The plates are 11 cm long. and reach 210 ° C in just 20 sec. It is formulated with a remote temperature control by means of LEDs placed clearly visible on the plate, so that you can check it continuously to avoid any burning problem.

The temperature is selectable between 135 ° C – 180 ° C – 210 ° C – 235 ° C (which is the highest, recommended if you work on the hair with keratin). Automatic shutdown begins after 30 minutes of inactivity. The voltage can be used anywhere in the world.

Corioliss provides a 2-year warranty.

In addition, the product comes in a travel case , in the same color as the brush of your choice, with thermal insulation that protects from heat.

Final results

You will not need to pass the brush over your hair several times to get a perfect straightening, with a single stroke you will get that your hair is completely smooth, soft, shiny, without static electricity , thanks to its technology with negative ions.

Not only will you have extraordinarily straight hair, but you can make yourself curly, ringlets, you can give volume from the roots to the ends and give your hair all the shapes you want to be super-stylish!

In summary, the Corioliss C2 brush stands out for

  • Titanium plates joined with silver particles
  • It reaches 210 ° in 20 s. and the temperature is adjustable
  • Incorporates an ionizer to eliminate static electricity from the hair and achieve better results.

Corioliss Plate C2 Platinum ZebraPrice : 68.00 euro


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