Editorial Makeup is something that acts as an inspiration for a lot of people. Many individuals look for options to enhance their facial features by the use of certain products that can highlight or sharpen their beauty. 

Several makeup ideas are used in different professional platforms. The way of using brushes, the kind of products, and the amount of those items being applied differs from one idea to another. 

In the editorial makeover concepts, ideas and stories are stressed on, which are to be depicted through the look created. This is a makeup routine used for editorial shoots.

What is Editorial Makeup Look?

Editorial makeover, as the name suggests, is related to materials that would be available as a print that can be newspapers or magazines. Even blogs, websites, and social media platforms are being considered editorial nowadays. 

These are generally the pictures of models that you see in magazine covers, billboards, beauty magazines, fashion blogs, and websites for various makeup products. Generally, the editorial makeup artists have a predetermined idea of what story they want to depict through a look. 

You must be familiar with the abstract photos of makeup you might come across in beauty or fashion magazines; they are all part of this look. 

There exists a full concept behind every such look created. For example, if it is for the advertisement of a lip product, then the makeup is done to drag the focus of the audience to the models’ lips. 

The other parts of her face are kept sober and matte. Every idea in editorial makeup is planned precisely to suit the want of the shoot. Everything in editorial makeover happens for a purpose.

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Tips and Tricks to get the perfect Editorial Makeup:

retraro editorial makeup

With each passing day, the editorial makeover concepts change. The story-lines change, the attire, the use of colors and costumes, everything renews. 

So, every artist in this field has to stay up-to-date with- “what is the trending story”, “what do the youths want”, “what kind of clothing can make you look like a fashionista” and many other such ideas. 

You can’t expect the 90s editorial makeup to woo the young generations nowadays. Fashion has changed, and so has conceptions about makeup. 

People like to be bold and classy. So, here, we will share with you some tips about how to master the editorial makeup looks.

Less is more:

Just as mentioned above, editorial makeup generally wants to focus on a certain aspect. So, the other details are kept light, and the required details are highlighted. 

If you want to keep up to the standards of editorial style makeup, your goal should be to enhance one particular aspect and play down the others. This could be the eyes, the lips, the skin, or even the entire body with a certain color play. 

The key is to keep it simple but classy. Use colors sensibly. Do not use too many vibrant colors at a time. 

Try to keep it soothing yet playful, by mixing and matching bright and dull colors. Do not overdo anything, because it might not be pleasant to look.

Know your model:

Model Editorial Makeup

This is certainly an important thing that editorial makeup artists should know. Planning your makeup routine is as important as doing it. So, to plan your idea, you have to know about your model. 

Every feature is important, how he/she smiles, how he/she winks, the skin texture, the eye color, the skin color, the height, each of these play a vital role. 

For a shoot, you should also know every expression of your model to be able to dress him/her up according to your story.

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One product for multiple uses:

When you want to use minimum colors, yet want to highlight several features, you can use this scheme. 

Using one product for multiple uses is a trend in the creation of editorial makeup looks. For instance, you can use lipstick as an eye-shadow, blush, and even contour. So you can create a monochrome look as well with minimum products and investment.

Love the skin:

This is another theme in editorial makeup where you do least on the skin, so it looks fresh and natural. 

You can go for a good cleansing and then use fresh face powder around the nose and T-line, with light dabs. Use concealer only where necessary to hide any blemishes.

Texture Mix-n-Match:

Editorial makeup ideas involve multiple textures like grainy matte, soft matte, gloss, pearl, shimmer, and many more. You can create amazing editorial makeover by combining these textures. 

This can highlight the model’s features and result in stunning photographs. You can even use such textured patterns in enhancing facial features.

The film look is not editorial:

Film makeup generally involves using lesser glitter and shimmer and more of natural, nudes shades. Here you are dressing up a character. 

But in editorial style makeup, your model is a story. So you have to make use of bold colors and sometimes even have to change an entire feature of your model.

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The list of DONTs:

Here’s a small snippet of what you should avoid in editorial makeup.

  • If you are working on dark skin shade and don’t find the correct foundation shade, do not go for shades that appear too light. One shade lighter can be used, or use a shade darker, and on that use fresh face powder having a closer hue.
  • Don’t apply highlighter on the top of your nose.
  • Don’t forget to use a moisturizer before applying foundation; otherwise, prolonged exposure to light may cause a flaky skin appearance.


Editorial makeup allows you more freedom to experimenting. But of course, that does not mean you can overdo the thing. 

Controlled use of your makeup brush is what will turn you into a good makeup artist. Keep in mind the little tips. Use colors wisely and bring the best out of faces. 

Creativity is the key, and your imagination can pave the way for unique ideas. Work on that too. And remember to keep it simple and clean.

Refer to this video for Editorial Makeup Tutorial 🙂


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