The debate on Converse vs Vans is a constant one. But, of course, you can’t rely on just some opinions as it largely varies from person to person. Both shoes are known to be extremely versatile and comfortable.

In this article, we will discuss both the shoes to provide you with a clear view of what suits your need and which stands better for you: Converse or Vans. So let’s start exploring.

What is Converse?


The converse, also known as Converse All-Stars, had been manufactured by Converse, a subsidiary of Nike Inc, as a basketball shoe. Gradually the demand turned it into a casual shoe model, loved for rendering immense comfort.

The Converse shoes have been labeled iconic because of their simple yet classic design style. These shoes have been in the market since 1908.

The Converse sneakers are versatile, and you can wear them anywhere and everywhere, and always set up a style statement. It has been seen that Converse shoes are also the favorite of soldiers and even Olympic athletes.

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What are Vans?

What are Vans

Vans have come from The Van Doren Rubber Company, California. The Vans shoes are well known for being extremely comfortable apparel and have a huge fan base since it is available in several unique styles.

Before coming up as an all-purpose commercial shoe, the Vans were mostly known to be the go-to shoe for skaters.

Converse vs Vans Comfort:

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the Converse vs Vans debate by studying which one of them excels in providing a more comfortable experience compared to the other. A lot of people who have owned both Converse and Vans believe that both of them are incredibly comfortable shoes.

But if they are to be ranked, then Vans takes the first position by its lightweight. Converse shoes are generally seen with thick heavy soles that add up a bit of unwanted weight to your foot. It acts as a con when you talk about comfort in Converse or Vans walking.

Even people with flat feet have complained that wearing Converse for long can be painful. But you can still rely on the soft textured material Converse uses in its shoe, which in the long run safeguards your foot from blisters or rashes.

Now, again this is very subjective, according to a person’s individual preference, though the audience pole takes the side of Vans in the matter of comfort.

Converse Vs Vans

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Converse vs Vans Durability Factors:

Which one is more durable- might be your next question in this discussion of Converse vs Vans. Both the shoes present you with unmatched durability. Designed originally for sports purposes, neither of them has forgotten their roots.

Thus you need to be very harsh on them to wear them away. But if you need a comparison of the two, then again, Vans makes the place by being a bit sturdier compared to Converse.

Moreover, Converse shoes can sometimes let water seep in through it. This problem is not found with Vans, another reason why it ranked higher than Converse in this section. Having soles that are firm and flexible gives Vans an upper hand over converse.

Canvas vs Vans – Who bags the style statement?

This is the area where both these shoes are providing each other with intense competition and diluting the Canvas vs Vans debate. Converse has a huge variety of options to suit the needs of people from every age group.

You can also customize your shoes as per your style sense. You can get your text, color, patterns, and even height. The Converse sneakers are multi-purpose, and whatever you collaborate with, Converse will never disappoint you-be it gowns, sleek dresses, skirts, jeans, and many more.

From pop-punk glory days to smart-casual look, converse fits in all. This is the reason why Converse is also a celebrity favorite. Talking about Vans, it does not lag in terms of design and style.

Even Vans offer you the flexibility to customize your shoes according to your choice. Vans shoes are similar to a blank canvas for you to make it your style.

However, for some, this looks like a drawback. Vans are perfect for casual settings like brunch or a Sunday out in the park.

When it comes to white shoes, you might not want to have a white converse vs white Vans debate, because both are the best and are versatile enough to be carried with any attire you wish to.

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Converse compared to vans sizes:

Converse and vans shoes are not the same in terms of sizes. Instead, it is found that Converse shoes are a size bigger than regular shoes.

On the contrary, Vans sneakers are a snug fit to any size. And this makes the entire process comparatively simpler when it comes to the question of comparing Canvas vs Vans.

In case your foot size comes in between two sizes, then you should opt for a size higher, rather than choosing the lower one. Moreover, you have the provision to customize your shoe size in both the Brands, so sizing is not a big issue for these shoes.

Which shoe stands better for lifting?

There are not many controversies regarding whether converse or vans for lifting. A lot of lifters have found Converse to be more comfortable and helpful in this field, due to their firmness.

But when you talk about Vans, you must remember the contribution it had in making Skateboarding, an Olympic sport. So, now you must be clear about what offers a better place to lifters. Vans being nice and flat do not wobble and are known for their long-lasting.

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The Conclusion:

I hope you are now a bit out of dilemma to choose which one is better for you in this discussion of Converse vs Vans. This also depends on your foot shape and the amount of walking or the kind of sport you play.

Though preferences differ, we have provided a general view of this debate to you through this article. I hope it was helpful for you!


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