Wednesday, August 12, 2020


How to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles

How to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles

It was a very natural event when you bought a perfect pair of shoes with the thought that you will not end up with Achilles. And again after wearing them for a...
are Birkenstocks good for flat feet?

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet?

Flat feet, is a widespread problem nowadays that causes severe pain in the feet, and walking becomes difficult. The usual symptoms are swollen feet, tiredness in toe, and leg pain. Birkenstock specializes...
How to Wear Cowboy Boots without Looking Country

How To Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country?

Fashion is what keeps you upgraded with everything happening around you. It won't be incorrect in saying that your footwear plays a vital role in reflecting your personality and your attitude towards...
Sailor Moon Samantha Vega

Sailor Moon Collaborates With Samantha Vega And Casio

Do you consider yourself a hardcore Sailor Moon fan? If your answer is a resounding yes, then March will be a very special month for you. Isetan Department...