Fashion is all about being comfortable and carrying with confidence, whatever you are wearing. Also, dressing up is an art if you know how to do it properly by keeping your style intact and unique. The shape of your body plays a significant role in influencing the way you should dress up. There are so many body shapes that define a female body. Here in this article, we will focus on some dress-up guides for those who are having an apple shaped body.

Dressing up according to body shape not only makes your body look good but also compliments your personality compatible with your unique style sense. 

Usually, most of us don’t bother about what to wear and how to wear, which eventually leads to awful wardrobe failures. Fashion is a choice of one’s own, but you are only going to look good when you are feeling satisfied on your own. Five types of body shapes are there- pear, column, apple, hourglass, and inverted triangle. 

How knowing your body shape is beneficial: 

Knowing your body shape

Not only looking good is the one that you are going to get by knowing your body shape, but also there are other benefits:

● It becomes easy to choose a dress that compliments your personality. 

● It helps you in deciding your clothes based on which part to cover and which part of your body to flaunt. 

● You don’t need to spend hours in front of your cupboard to choose what to wear. Just pick anyone and slay with it. 

● While shopping, you must worry about the color of your dress and how much money is there in your account. Because knowing your body shape is never going to make you worry about what to wear and how to wear. 

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How to know if you have an Apple shaped body?

How to know apple body shape

An apple body is decided by the shape of the body, which is round or circular. It has some common characteristics that you need to find out if you have or not. The characteristics are:

  • A well-proportioned body.
  • The body is wider above the waistline. 
  • Shoulders are wide compared to hips. 
  • Not so curvy hips.
  • A less distinct and undefined waistline.
  • And a fuller or sizable bust. 

Your mind does not understand the proportion of your body just by looking at the mirror. Take the help of a measuring tape and measure it to understand more clearly. That will surely help you to choose the dresses for apple shape body. 

How to dress an Apple shaped body? 

Dressing Apply Shaped Body

Before jumping on to the dresses, let’s focus on the basic things that you need to consider before choosing a dress: 

❖ Decide an outfit that defines your body:  

You need to have some basic knowledge about the balancing that makes your apple shaped body look good. Choose an outfit that covers the particular part of your body and conceals them to look good, and on the other hand, emphasizes the other body parts that compliment your body shape. 

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❖ Perfect fitting of the dress: 

Perfect Dresses

Whether you want to wear a tight-fitting cloth or a loose-fitting one, both should look proportionate enough with your body type. A perfect-fitting dress for an apple body should be emphasizing the waistline, look slim around the belly area, and flaunt the legs to look great. 

❖ Color and design: 

The color and designs like graphics, embroideries, prints play a very impressive role in emphasizing your body type and look and catch the eye. So focus on that. 

❖ The fabric of the cloth: 

Fabric is also important in making you look confident enough as if you are not comfortable with the fabric, you won’t be able to steal the show with comfort and style. 

Now let’s focus on dresses for apple shape body that defines your style and elegance: 

● Flattering dresses for apple shape body: 

Flattering dresses

In the genre of flattering dresses for an apple body, wrap dresses rank the top. A wrap dress with a v-shaped neckline is going to wrap around the upper part of your body and defines your waistline is going to rock the show. The dress may be a maxi gown or a midi-length or a high low hem-line with the combination of solid color, or medium amount of floral patterns surely would make your vibe worth noticing. 

A flattering a-line dress for your apple shaped body is going to emphasize your waistline and make your belly area look slimmer. Also, flattering dresses for apple shaped body which has a continuous pattern on it with the most color blocking is going to make you look classy. Also, showing off your leg is a good idea if your body is apple shaped. So bunk the gowns to choose a midi length dress or a knee-length dress. And compliment them with the wedges or high heels. 

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● Tops for the apple shaped body: 

Tops for Apple Shaped Body

Again, a wrapped one is going to be your best friend who would define your waistline. Sleeves are also important to showcase your style. An airy sleeved dolman- top or a cold shoulder one with some decorative cuts on it is going to make your shoulder look pretty. 

Also, it’s an expert technique to draw your attention to your shoulder by negotiating the focus from your belly and waist area. Simply an empire waist top or tunic length top is also going to make you flaunt your style comfortably. Opting for a v-neck or square neck top to reveal your collar bone would be a smart enough idea.

● Fashionable Jackets would look great:

Layering is always a better idea to compliment your style statement. Whether it is the slimming clothes for apple shape, top, and even a flattering dress, teaming it up with a jacket can never go wrong. Choose an open front jacket with long vertical lines, a long vest one to emphasize the length of your mid-portion, a sleek duster jacket above the knee-length dress, or a single-breasted, long –lapel to compliment your apple shaped body.

● Pants & Jeans for an apple shape figure: 

Pants like skinny leggings or cigarette trousers paired with oversized or tunic length tops look great on an apple body while choosing jeans for apple shape just on by choosing a straight or slim one or a bootcut with a flared hem that is perfect for a curvy silhouette if you want some easy-breezy one in your wardrobe.

For those who love tight and super fittings, a skinny one and a flared leg denim that has a nice fit up to the knees is going to look good on your body. Also, a high waisted flared trousers or a belted skinny trouser is surely going to look good on your body.

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● Skirts to choose for apple shaped figure: 

Apple Shaped Body Skirts

Simply an a-line flared skirt with the minimal amount of prints or a floral wrapped skirt paired with a simple solid colored top layered with a pretty denim jacket with minimal accessories simply with boots or sneakers are going to look great on an apple shaped body. Even a slim fit denim skirt teamed up with cutely designed tops are also going to look excellent.

Dressing for an apple shaped body is not at all a big deal if you follow all the guidelines and fashion tips properly. Just enjoy the new trends and choose the perfect items of clothing that suit you best. Fashion changes with every season; it is your style and charm that should remain impressive, confident, beautiful, and hard to overlook.


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