Visual Supply Co, aka VSCO, is the photo editing app that’s pretty much responsible for all those pictures you’ve liked on Instagram. However, the app’s custom filters aren’t particularly necessary when you snap a photo at their office.

At this place, it’s as if the hashtags #wokeuplikethis and #nofilter came together and gave birth to a beautiful interior design baby.

Located in Oakland, California, VSCO’s headquarters is designed by architect Jack Debartolo and is housed within a historic building.

Bright and airy is the order of the day here, so Debartolo masterfully mixed lots of glass with wood and metal, allowing plenty of natural light to stream in.

The overall look of the space is definitely minimal without the clinical feel.

Check out the images in the gallery below and let the VSCO office envy sink in 3, 2, 1…

Image Credit – Glassdoor
Work Space
VSCO Meeting room
Meeting Room
Kitchen VSCO


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