It is easy to pick a summer outfit or winter outfit. But do you feel the same when it comes to choosing 60 degree weather outfits? Well, people always tend to confuse about 60 degrees weather as it is the most complicated weather. Neither it’s too cold, nor too hot. So which outfit to choose that will not only provide comfort but mark the fashion statement as well?

This article intends to provide certain outfit ideas for 60 degree weather, that will not only let you look good but feel good as well. The following are some outfits to wear in 60 degree weather:

Tops would be the Best to Beat the 60 Degree Temperature:

top for 60 degree

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting suitable tops of 60 degree temperature. You can wear a pullover or light sweaters as tops because they are easy to carry and so light for being breathable enough. Next, you can pair up simple tees with a single color cardigan that looks very simple and is comfortable at the same time.

There are also different forms of knit tops that you can team up with your jeans as 60 degree weather outfits. Knit tops usually look very cute on every occasion. Especially when it’s 60 degrees outside, nothing can be better than them.

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Dresses Makes the Best Outfits for 50-60 Degree Weather:

60 degree weather outfits

Dresses are suitable for every event; it doesn’t matter if you want a simple, classy or sassy look. You can choose dresses for every occasion. And the good news for dress lovers is that you can also wear dresses even when it’s 60 degrees outside.

You can go pair up your short dresses with leather jackets or wear light woolen or full sleeves cotton long dresses to keep yourself warm along with being airy. Also, you can choose a different style of dresses, depending on your mood and destination.

Leather Jackets would be Best as 60 Degree Weather Outfits:

leather jacket

You can layer up your ordinary dress with different types of leather jackets. They look the most fashionable and are comfortable to bear with 60 degree temperature. For instance, you can pair up a printed skirt with a simple plain light color tee along with a leather jacket.
Any form of leather jacket would look great with it. Also, whenever you feel it’s getting hotter, you can pull off the jacket and tie it around your waist. That will look cool too.

Jumpsuits are Great Outfits for 60 Degree Weather:

jumpsuit - 60 degree weather outfits

Usually, girls love jumpsuits in every season. Also, there are no reasons why one should not like them. It covers your entire body being airy at the same time. So there are no chances of sweating or feeling congested or suffocated in any way.

Also, if you feel like you can pair it up with a jeans jacket or cardigan to make it one of the best outfits for 50-60 degree weather. Apart from that, you can wear jumpsuits anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are chilling with your friends or going to the office. As they are breathable enough, you can quickly move with them.

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Different Bottoms Outfits to Wear in 60 Degree Weather:

It often gets difficult to choose the adequate bottom for a 60 degree temperature. Everybody wants to look good no matter how much the temperature is without compromising with their comfort. That is why you can opt for skinny jeans when you can’t think of any other. They keep your legs warm and are the trendiest bottoms at present.

Similarly, you can choose mom jeans and flared jeans that provide the same classy look. And these are appropriate when you are going out for chilling with your friends. And if you are searching for more comfortable pants that you are best for corporate fields, then you can go for plaid trousers.

Skirts are Undoubtedly the Best 60 Degree Weather Outfits:

Women in skirt

There are many girls out there who are fond of skirts. Also, skirts can be worn in any temperature or weather. There are three form skirts that you can team up with different tops. First is a short skirt, you can wear jeans or a velvet fabric short skirt with a woolen crop top. Second is a midi skirt; you can wear midi skirts with any top and complete both your chilling yet corporate look.

And thirdly, there are long skirts that can be worn anywhere with any top. You can even team it up with a jacket over the top. Skirts are the best 60 degree weather outfits as they are airy and give a classy look at the same time.

Shoes that are Comfortable for 60 Degree Temperature:

After deciding your upper and mid attire, it’s time to focus on your feet. Along with wearing an appropriate dress, you should also wear adequate shoes. Opt for such shoes that won’t let your feet too cold or too hot in the 60 degrees outside.

The first thing is to avoid flip flops and heavy boots like Uggs as they are not at all suitable for 60 degrees. So, you can go with oxfords, ballet flats, sneakers, loafers, mules, closed heels, or Chelsea boots. These footwears not only balance the temperature but also let you move freely the entire.

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Apart from these, there are certain things to keep in mind when you choose your 60 degree weather outfits. They are as follows:

Wear Light Clothes:

60 degree weather outfits

It is always suggested to wear light to medium weight fabrics in 60 degrees temperature. By light or medium weight fabric it means, you can opt for merino wool, rayon, silk, or cotton clothes. These fabrics are breathable enough and not let you sweat much so that you stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

Extra Top-wears that You Can Pick:

Besides the top options mentioned above, you can choose some else top wears as well. If you are searching for something lighter and formal, you can go for merely a full-sleeved tank or tee or sweatshirt. You can also add up a simple light blazer, trench coat, or breaker for a better impression.

Extra Bottoms to go with:

Extra Bottom

Not everybody wants to wear jeans every time. So if you are planning to wear something else that is also suitable for the temperature, then you can opt for capris, leggings, or long pants. They all are very light to carry, airy, and fashionable as well. You can pair them up with short skirts as well, and it would be one of your favorite 60 degree weather outfits.

Wearing Full Sleeves Won’t be a Bad Option:

Try to select full dresses with full sleeves. No matter if it is a top or a dress, try to go with full sleeves as it will balance the temperature of your body and not let you feel cold. Also, if you are wearing any half sleeve dress, team it up with any form of a jacket.

To wrap up, it can be said that if you follow the instructions mentioned above, you will be able to choose the best 60 degree weather outfits for yourself. I hope this article has been helpful, and now you can enjoy your comfort and maintain your style at the same time.

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